White Ash Block WA-170 3" x 3" x 8.2"

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White Ash Block WA-170
3" x 3" x 8.2"
2 lbs.

This is a very pretty 3 inch square-section, end-grain block of Texas White Ash. The color is an overall light to slightly pinkish brown with strong inter-grain stripes of darker brown (spalting?). The grain pattern is strong and linear but nicely figured to burly in the younger wood of the annotated face (top photo). There is chatoyance in the grain pattern of the annotated face. There are a number of small, black-stained bug holes in two faces that will add "character" to the finished turning.

On the negative side, there is a single long, thin and apparently very shallow drying check running lengthwise across the annotated face (top photo). The grain pattern in that face is so nice that I would simply reinforce the check with thin CA glue before turning, rather than trying to turn the check off. There is also a thin and tight crack on the back side (not really apparent in the photos). It appears to be the very tail end of a pith-related radial crack located outside the block. Again, I consider it to be minor and would simply reinforce with thin CA and turn away! The price below reflects the presence of these minor cracks/checks. I see no other cracks, checks or "flaws" in this blank.