Texas Ebony TE-072 3"x 3"x 17"

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Texas Ebony TE-072
3"x 3"x 17"
~7 lbs.

This is a very nice 3" end-grain block of Texas Ebony. It is almost entirely a dark reddish-brown heartwood with only a small wedge of golden yellow sapwood on one corner (top photo)and a small oval "patch" of golden yellow sapwood(?) on the end of one face (bottom photo). The grain pattern is a beautiful and gently complex throughout.

The only possible flaws that I see are several small, tight and shallow cracks, none of which can be seen in the photos. One single crack is located at one end and close to the corner edge of the block. That single small crack is likely to turn off if this block is to be turned to round on a lathe (or otherwise, to be filled with thin CA glue). The second crack "flaw" is actually a small cluster of three very small and tight cracks in the center of one side. In my mind, these cracks are insignificant and at most, require a bit of infill with thin CA glue.

I see no significant flaws in this block.