Texas Ebony Board TE-736 0.5" x 1.7" x 24"

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Texas Ebony Board TE-736
0.5" x 1.7" x 24"
0.8 lbs.

This is an attractive Texas Ebony board.  It's a versatile piece that you could use for a small project such as a cutting board inlay, box sides, or a box top.   When we cut it, we were thinking of knife scales.  As such, we've left them extra long so that you can select the best grain patterns for use in your knife making.  This set is long enough to produce two 5" long sets of knife scales.

This board is 98% heartwood, with only a small patch of sapwood on one edge.  The heartwood has pretty variations in color, as it was cut from near the heartwood/sapwood interface. 

There is an end-crack on the bottom of the board, opposite end from the annotation.  It is through-and-through and en echelon (multiple crack segments, not a continuous crack), runs 2 to 2.5" up from the bottom of the board.   You could easily fill this with black or brown CA glue, and it would be near-invisible.

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