Texas Ebony Block TE-539 2.7" x 3.3" x 16"

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Texas Ebony Block TE-539
2.7" x 3.3" x 16"
6.4 lbs.

This is a large block of some very beautiful Texas Ebony.  It is 95% heartwood with only a couple of thin slivers of sapwood along the edges.

Discounted!!  This block has some complexities that make it challenging if you are looking to use it as a whole piece; it may be more suited for cutting into smaller turning blanks for items such as game calls, bottle stoppers, and the like.  There are several juvenile branch penetrations through the block, where there is either a knot with branch material present or a void space.  These voids would be great candidates for epoxy.   There are also some cracks present which can be stabilized with CA glue.   I've taken extra photos of this piece so that you can evaluate it in detail -- please scroll down in the photos to see them all.   Despite the complexities, this is a gorgeous piece of Texas Ebony that can produce some prized turnings.