Texas Ash Bowl Blank TA-116 6" x 3" thick

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Texas Ash Bowl Blank TA-116
6" diameter x 3" thick
2-1/2 lbs.

This is another nice bowl blank of burly Texas Ash. This is a half-log blank with full bark on the back side, ready to be turned as either a conventional or natural-edge bowl. It comes from a tree with numerous burl buds that extend out from the deep interior to form prominent ridges and mounds on the barky surface (top photo). One large and at least three small buds are present in this blank.

The log was halved right thru the pith and a portion of the tight pith is present at the surface (dark brown stripe(s), top photo). There are several extremely tight radial cracks/checks visible at the end-grain faces (middle photo). These are very thin and I recommend simply reinforcing them with thin CA glue before turning. I see no sign of any other structural flaws.