Pecan Bowl Blank P-456 7" x 7" x 2"

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Pecan Bowl Blank P-456
7" x 7" x 2"
3.1 lbs.

This is a shallow, rough-cut Texas Pecan bowl blank. It is has a soft pinkish-tinted light brown heartwood and a thick section of light brown sapwood on the outside. The sapwood-heartwood boundary is distinct. This blank was chainsaw-cut with a rough face.  It is sound and very pretty beneath that rough-cut surface.  It has a complete and well-attached dark brown bark on the backside.    There are some frass-filled borer holes visible in the sapwood.  The blank has been heat-treated to ensure that there are no gnawing critters inside.

This half-log bowl blank should be suitable for a bowl 6-7" in diameter up to 2" deep.  You have the option of turning a conventional bowl or a barky, natural-edge bowl. If you want a full bark edge on the natural rim, you will need to secure the bark with CA glue before and possibly during turning.

This is a GREEN to partially air-dried bowl blank, meaning that it still retains a lot of its original moisture from when it was a living tree.  It has been well-sealed with Anchor Seal and is in the process of slowly drying.  It was measured at 25 to 30% MC in March 2022. . If you need a current moisture content, please message us and we'll check its status for you.  This is a classic half-log blank, split through the center of the log.  A sliver of pith lies at the cut face and has a visible cracks associated with it at both ends of the blank.  I have reinforced the cracks with thin CA glue.  You may wish to treat this further prior to or during turning.

I've taken many photos of this piece for you, so please scroll down below the first 3 to see all of them.  Thanks!