Pecan Board P-882 3"x 13.6"x 0.6"

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Pecan Board P-882
3"x 13-5/8"x 5/8"
1/2 lb.

This is a dramatic and attractive board of heavily-spalted Texas native Pecan. Approximately half is a reddish-brown spalted wood and the other half is a light brown with numerous bands of black pencil-line spalting.

I see no cracks or other obvious flaws, but please note that I describe this block as "heavily spalted". To achieve this beautiful degree of spalting, the wood does give up some density and strength. The wood of this block is not punky, but it is not the same hard wood that non-spalted Pecan can be, and planing/machining this board to achieve a good finish without tear out will require sharp tools and a light touch. Sanders do work well on these spalted boards.