Mesquite Bowl Blank M-973 ~13" diameter x 3 to 4" thick

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Mesquite Bowl Blank M-973
13" diameter x 3 TO 4" thick
~15 lbs.

This is a very nice, round, half-log, bowl blank of moderately-burly Texas Honey Mesquite. It would be suitable for a large shallow bowl of up to 12" in diameter and probably 3" deep. The color is the reddish brown of mesquite heartwood, surrounded by a thin band of yellow sapwood, with full dark brown bark on the backside. The burly character is due to a scattered pattern of at least 6 small clusters of burly buds visible on the annotated face (top photo).

This blank has been roughly trimmed to round and would be suitable for a conventional bowl or for a "barky" natural-edge bowl. A conventional bowl form is likely to result in a nice display of those patches of burl buds (hopefully larger as they grow closer to the outer portion of the tree). If you choose to turn it to a natural-edge bowl, and want a full bark on the "natural" rim, you will need to secure the bark with CA glue before and likely (occasionally) during turning.

I cut this blank well away from the pith of the log and (almost) all of pith-related cracks. However, the very tail-end (2-1/2" long) of a very shallow (3/8") crack is present on one edge. If a conventional bowl is planned, and you do not want to trim that face, I recommend reinforcing that small flaw with thin CA glue. Note - such pith-related, radial cracks in Mesquite are not dynamic drying features, but are formed by severe stress on the tree during growth (think Texas hurricanes and tornados).

I see no other cracks, checks or significant flaws.