Mesquite Board M1194 1.1" x 6.2" x 23.6"

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Mesquite Board M1194
1.1" x 6.2" x 23.6"
4.4 lbs.

This is a quarter-sawn board of Texas Honey Mesquite, surfaced on 2 sides.  It has hard edges, no live edges. It is the strong reddish-brown heartwood with a nicely undulating grain pattern and some pretty grain fabrics visible on the cut faces.  There are beautiful medullary rays in this board -- they'll really stand out with chatoyance when its been finish sanded.

The corners have a bit of wane, and there are some bore holes you may wish to fill with epoxy. Black is my go-to color for Mesquite because the contrast is so pretty.   Of course other colors are great, too. 

This board has been air-dried to 10-12% moisture content.  I've taken plenty of photos of this piece, so please scroll down below the first 3 to see them all.