Mesquite Block M-954 2.4"x 2.4"x 8.2"

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Mesquite M-954
2-3/8"x 2-3/8"x 8-1/4"
1-1/4 lbs.

This is a very nice end-grain block of burly Texas Honey Mesquite. It is entirely reddish-brown heartwood with a a very nice grain pattern that is gently undulating in and around several clusters of burl-buds. Note - most of the burly features are located close to the sides/edges of the block, which means if turned on a lathe, many will be removed. This block may be more suitable for some type of "flat-work" to preserve and display the burly character.

This block was cut well away from the pith, the only (pith-related radial-type) crack is present at one end, and is very short and tight (i.e.-the very tail end of a radial crack outside the limits of this block). It is not visible in the photos, and I do not consider it to be significant. I would just reinforce it with thin CA glue. A small, but prominent pocket of imbedded bark is present on one edge of the top end-grain face (top and bottom photos). I see no other significant flaws.