Mesquite Block M-718 3"x 3"x 8"

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Mesquite M-718
3"x 3"x 8"
1-3/4 lbs.

This is another beautiful but uniquely different end-grain block of very burly Texas Honey Mesquite. It consists primarily of very burly Mesquite heartwood with two large patches of creamy yellow sapwood, one located on the corner at each end of a single edge (bottom photo). However, this block is from a very old tree and some of that sapwood has decayed. Before taking the photos, I wire-brushed all of the sapwood to remove the weak and punky outer portions. That beautiful, burly, reddish-brown and still quite solid heartwood core remains along with the still-sound, tan-colored portions of sapwood. The grain pattern is beautifully complex and varies from gently swirling to highly complex within and around a number of small and large Mesquite burl buds. It also includes two patches of very strong curly grain, numerous areas of strong, grain-crossing rays and a nice degree of chatoyance. This block would make a beautiful pepper mill, very unique lamp base or some other nice "character" piece.

There is a large and irregular patch of included bark on one side (left side, top photo) and includes a sizable open gap in the center. That gap is approximately 1-1/2" long and 3/8" wide, and probing with a paperclip indicated that it is at least 3/4" deep. Reinforcing of all of the bark with thin CA glue, is recommended and filling of the open gap (colored epoxy, turquoise, etc.?) might be necessary. In addition, there is a single small crack in one sapwood corner-patch that extends into the underlying heartwood (bottom photo, upper left corner of the end-grain face, but only faintly visible). That small crack/check is ~1-1/4" long and quite thin - I would simply reinforce it with thin CA glue. I see no other cracks, checks or significant flaws.