Mesquite Block M-233 3"x 3"x 9.5"

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Mesquite Block M-233
3"x 3"x 9-1/2"
2-1/2 lbs.

This is an interesting and attractive end-grain block of Texas Honey Mesquite. The primary color is the rich reddish brown typical of our Texas Mesquite heartwood, but there is also a thick strip of light brown sapwood on two sides and the intermediate edge, and a large area of "wane" on that edge, where the bark has popped off (both photos). Much of the sapwood and all of the "wane" will turn off as the block is rounded. There is a nice grain pattern with some burly character and an area of chatoyance below the sapwood. The chatoyance is clearly visible on three sides so it should carry thru and be prominent in the finished piece.

There was one prominent crack on two sides and the adjacent edge (top photo). At one time I had plans for this piece myself, so I reinforced and filled (mostly) that crack with black epoxy. It should be tight, but one tail end of the crack needs some additional CA glue. If someone doesn't buy it soon, I may go ahead and turn it myself - that grain will is very nice. I see no cracks or other significant flaws.