Huisache Block H-211 2" x 2" x 8.7"

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Huisache H-211
2" x 2" x 8-3/4"
1-1/4 lbs.

This is another very attractive end-grain block of colorful Texas Huisache. It is entirely the bright rosy/reddish-brown of Huisache heartwood with a strong, gently undulating grain pattern. Cut from deeper into the log, this block does not include any sapwood, but it does include a small portion of the pith. That pith is quite sound and adds to the attractive grain pattern.

Despite the presence of the pith - this block includes no pith-related cracks. However, there are two small drying checks that I did not see when cutting and processing this block. One is 5/8" long and the other is 1" long. Both of these are located on one side of the block and one (the longer check) is visible on the near end of the middle photo but is only faintly visible. However, I do not see these as significant flaws - Were I working with this block, I would simply reinforce them with thin CA glue before turning. There is also one odd crack-like feature on one side (bottom and middle photos). I am not sure of its nature, but I do not think that it will reduce the strength of the block, and I would simply fill the opening with CA glue (or other, attractive media) before turning.

I see no other cracks, checks or obvious flaws.