Green Ash Bowl Blank GA-103 ~6" diameter x 3" depth

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Green Ash Bowl Blank GA-103
~6" diameter x 3" depth
3-1/2 lbs.

This is another nice, small half-log bowl blank from Texas Green Ash - the other half of the log section that yielded GA-102 above. This one also includes the growth point of a side limb with a small crotch grain figure. The color is also a soft brown, both heartwood and sapwood, with prominent streaks of darker brown and beige within that crotch grain. It also has full and tight bark on the backside and would work well for a natural-edge bowl form. That form would also, hopefully, preserve a portion of that colorful crotch grain in the side of the bowl.

The log section includes a thin portion of the pith just below the face. It is slightly open and is the focus of a number of tight radial cracks, especially on one end (top photo, end-grain face). Again, the advantage of a NE bowl form is that most, if not all, of the pith and those thin (and likely shallow) cracks would be turned-off as the bottom is shaped.

I see no other cracks, checks, borer holes or structural flaws.