Bodark Block B-617 1.4" x 1.4" x 17"

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Bodark Block B-617
1-3/8" x 1-3/8" x 17"
~1-1/4 lbs.

This is another very nice, square spindle block of Texas Bodark. The color is the light golden-orange of recently-surfaced Bodark but includes various shades of reddish spalt staining on all sides. There is also a small irregular patch of light brown color on two adjacent sides at one end of the block (top photo, near end). I am not sure of what caused that color, but the wood is quite sound. With time, those colors will turn to a beautiful dark, golden brown with age and exposure to air and light. 

This block was cut from very close to a very old stress crack and a portion of the crack is still attached to one edge (bottom photo, far end of left side). There is also one black stripe on that same edge that marks a portion of the crack that popped-off during milling. This block is ideal for lathe-turning to make a stout handle for a mallet or other impact tool. If used for that purpose, these cracks will likely turn off immediately. There are also two small knots on one side. These appear to be quite sound.

I see no other potential flaws.