Eastern Red Cedar Block ERC-273 2" x 2" x 10.5"

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Eastern Red Cedar ERC-273
2" x 2" x 10.5"
3/4 lb.

This is another nice end-grain block of our Purple Heart Eastern Red Cedar. It too is almost entirely the deep reddish-purple of Texas Cedar heartwood, with only a thin slice of creamy sapwood on one edge. The grain pattern is strong and linear on the quarter-sawn faces and gently swirling on the plain-sawn faces.

There are two small and sound knots on opposite faces which likely represent the two ends of a small imbedded branch (both photos). There is a single thin drying check within the patch of sapwood that does extend into the adjacent heartwood (bottom photo). It appears to be quite shallow and does not show any depth into the heartwood where it intersects the end-grain face and side of the block. I expect that it will turn off completely as the block is roughed to round.