Texas Ebony Wood

Our Texas Ebony wood originates from deep south Texas. This beautiful wood is hard and very dense.  It machines and turns very well, and it finishes to a high natural luster.  Weighing approximately 63 pound per cubic foot, it is heavier than water (i.e. - it will not float in water).

The colors of Texas Ebony heartwood range from a dark chocolate brown (almost coal black) thru a dark brown with thin stripes of lighter brown, and to a beautiful combination of light and dark, golden-brown heartwood. The spalting of the very dark brown/black heartwood frequently results in areas of light orange-brown colors, and (rarely) small closed, orange-brown circles (spots).

Texas Ebony sapwood is generally a bright golden yellow color, an attractive contrast to the heartwood. I generally water-dampen the surface before taking photos, to suggest what each piece might look like once a finish is applied. As you can see in the example turned vase below, the bark of fresh Texas Ebony is tight and excellent for natural-edge turning.