Peach Block Ph-442 2" x 2" x 7.2"

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Peach Block Ph-442
2" x 2" x 7.2"
0.7 lbs.

This is a beautiful end-grain block of Texas-grown Peach wood.  It has gorgeous grain and hints of spalting.  The color is a warm and stripey brown that is rather, well, peachy! 

This block is for an EXPERIENCED turner.  It will be a fascinating finished turning, with a skilled hand and some CA glue.  There is a bark-lined crack that cuts through the block.  I would recommend treating it with thin or medium CA glue prior to and during turning.

There is a bit of zone spalting and an occasional bug borehole that have decreased the wood density a bit, but the wood matrix has plenty of integrity.  These natural features enhance the beauty of the wood and make each piece unique.  We recommend keeping a sharp edge on your turning tools for this beautiful peach wood.

This is a fully air-dried blank, currently measuring under 10% MC. It has been heat-treated to eliminate any gnawing critters.   This piece does have a hairline crack (see close-up photo) that you'll probably want to secure with CA glue prior to turning.

This wood was from a UFO Peach tree grown in Katy, Texas.  It died during the infamous Texas Valentine's Day freeze of 2021.  We cut and sealed it with Anchor Seal shortly after it died, then let it rest and spalt for about a year before processing it.  We have very limited quantities of this unusual-to-Texas wood.