Mesquite Block M-928 2"x 2"x 10"

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Mesquite M-928
2"x 2"x 10"
1.4 lbs.

This is a nice end-grain block of Texas Honey Mesquite. It is entirely reddish-brown heartwood with a nicely undulating grain pattern. A small cluster of burl-buds is present on the annotated face.

This blank was cut from close to the pith of this log and a single small and likely very shallow, pith-related radial crack is present along and across one edge (bottom photo). This appears to be the very tail-end of a radial crack primarily located outside the limits of this block. It should turn off as the blank is turned to round. A small "half-moon" shaped feature, located close to the tail-end of that crack, appears to be the imbedded portion of a small limb. Another small pocket of what appears to be imbedded bark is present close to the cluster of burl buds on the annotated face (top photo). I see no other flaws.