White Ash Block WA-158 3.2" x 3.2" x 12"

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White Ash Block WA-158
3-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 12"
3-1/2 lbs.

This is a very nice +3-inch square-section, end-grain block of Texas White Ash. I considerate it suitable for a nice pepper/salt mill, two large goblets or perhaps several turned boxes. The color is an overall light to slightly pinkish brown with strong inter-grain stripes of darker brown (spalting?).

The extreme tail end of a surface drying check is present on the annotated face (top photo). This is thin and tight and appears to be very shallow. There is a second small check in the lower left-hand corner of that same face. With a depth of approximately 3/8" it should turn off completely as the block is rounded.

I see no other "flaws" in this blank.