Bodark Board B-716 1" x 3.6" x 22"

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Bodark Board B-716
1" x 3.6" x 22"
3 lbs.

This is a nice, rift- sawn board of Texas Bodark. The color is the strong golden-yellow of Bodark heartwood, with a surface patina developing of the deeper medium brown and golden tones of aged bodark.

There's a small amount of surface debris on the board (probably slightly muddy hands touching it, sorry!).  It will clean or sand right off.  There are tiny patches of bark at the top right corner of the front face and the bottom right corner of the back face (see photos 3 and 4).  This board is rough cut, and the back face has some rough areas that show in photo 2.  I consider all of these features to be minor character marks typical of Bodark.   I see no cracks, checks or other significant flaws.